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Put all your buy-side data requirements in expert hands

RIMES offers immediate access to a universe of data that is unparalleled in coverage and quality. Choose from over 800 datasets and 150 data partners, covering all asset classes

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RIMES provides a series of award-winning, unique managed data services

We provide firms the data they want in the format they need, ready for use in packaged or proprietary systems and databases.

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RIMES was an early adopter of cloud-based technology

All our managed services are delivered via the cloud, removing the typical problem associated with in-house or traditional installed systems where the cost of infrastructure can be prohibitive.

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RIMES data management services for the buy-side

RIMES Announces Substantial Increase in New Data Sources

Forty percent of RIMES’ new 2014 benchmarks are customized to best address the client and regulatory demands...

CFA GIPS Conference

Join RIMES at the CFA - GIPS Standards Annual Conference in BostonThe Chartered Financial Analyst Institute’...

The RIMES Forums - Sydney & Melbourne

At the recent Sydney and Melbourne forums, buy-side representatives provided their input on existing data...


The RIMES Forum - Los Angeles

Managed data services provider RIMES recently brought its industry round tables to Los Angeles, where buy-side representatives...

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Data Governance & Regulation - Beyond Best Practice

This paper aims to dispel the myth that data governance is solely about best practice, and clarify that it is, and will even more...

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The RIMES Forum - Chicago

At RIMES' recent round table in Chicago, buy-side industry participants got a chance to weigh in on their index and benchmark...

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The RIMES forum - New York

Managed data services provider RIMES recently held a strategic advisory session in New York, where several C-level and other...

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Surviving the Perfect Storm of Cost, Complexity and...

As the importance of data increases, so does the attention paid by regulators to how it is managed, increasing the data...

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Data governance – what it means to your business

We’ve all heard about data governance but what does it actually mean and how can establishing best practice in data governance...

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The Practical Implications of the Regulation of Indices...

Improving data governance to meet future challenges.

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The RIMES Forum - Vienna

Managed data services provider RIMES recently held its latest industry round table in Vienna, which gave participants the chance...

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The RIMES Forum - Singapore

Managed data services provider RIMES recently held its first industry round table in Singapore. Several representatives of buy-...

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