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Infrastructure indices are used to measure the performance of a portfolio of listed infrastructure stocks. Some indices serve as benchmarks for listed infrastructure funds and may also form the basis for infrastructure-based exchange-traded funds.

Although the indices have the word “global” in the title, their exposure is predominantly from developed countries, with data going as far back as 1990. The UBS Infrastructure and Utilities Index series provide the most relevant sector classifications for listed Australian Infrastructure & Utilities stocks. The indices are calculated based on company free-float market capitalizations, as defined by S&P. Price and total return index data is calculated daily by S&P.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this *data source, RIMES currently hosts approximately 280 indices and 255 companies.

*UBS notification: These indices will be discontinued on 29 May, 2015.

Current Index coverage includes: UBS Asia Pacific, UBS Australia, UBS Canada, UBS China Emerging, UBS Developed, UBS Emerging, UBS Europe, UBS Japan, UBS North America, UBS UK, UBS US, UBS World, etc.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Index Items: Dividend Points, Divisor Factor, Gross Index, Hedged Gross Index, Hedged Net Return, Hedged Price Index, Index Family, Index Type, Legacy Branding, Market Capitalization, Net Dividend Points, Net Index, Next Day Divisor, Next Day Market Capitalization, Next Day Number of Constituents, Number of Constituents, Price Index, Weight Type, etc.
  • Company Items: Acquirer Name, Action Type, Adjusted Price, Adjustment Factor, Bloomberg Ticker, Cap Range Flag, Cash Amount, Close of Business Date, Closing Market Capitalization, Country Codes, Current Tax Rate, Cusip Code, Daily Price Return, Daily Total Return, Database Symbol (Source), Date of Portfolio, Dividend Currency, Dividend Per Share, Exchange Country, Exchange Rate, Ex-Dividend Date, File Sequence Number, Franking Rate, Free Float Factor, GICS Industry Codes, Gross Adjustment Factor, Industry Codes, Investable Factor, Investable Market Value, Investable Shares (Source), Investable Shares Outstanding, Investable Weight, Investable Weight in Country, Investable Weight in Index (Source), ISIN Code, Issuance Fee, Last Updated Date, Local Code, Market Flag (Source), Market Identifier Code, Market Value, Market Value Range Flag, Net Adjustment Factor, Net Investible Weight, Net Return, Next Date of Portfolio, Next Day Market Capitalization, Opening Unadjusted Price, Price Adjustment, Ratio Held, Ratio Received, Reference Date, Region Flag, S&P Company Global Vantage Key, S&P Index Level ID, Sedol Code, Sequence Number, Shares Outstanding, Spin Off Codes, Status Flag, Target Codes, Ticker, Total Return, Unadjusted Price, Weight in Index, etc.

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