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ANREV Indices (Non-listed Real Estate Vehicles)

ANREV is a not-for-profit organisation driven by institutional investors in non-listed property funds. Fund managers, investment banks, lawyers and other advisors provide support in addressing key issues facing the Asian non-listed private equity real estate fund markets. The ANREV Index is a fund-level performance measurement tool which tracks internal rates of return in the non-listed property funds sector in the Asia Pacific region. The ANREV Index measures net asset value (NAV) based performance on an annual and quarterly basis using data supplied by vehicle managers. The Index comprises non-listed real estate funds of which 90% or more of their GAV is targeted to be invested in Asia Pacific. The Index was launched in 2011 with data going back to 2006 and applies the same approach and methodology as the INREV Index for European funds. This allows the industry to make comparisons within and between the regions. A suite of indices is published covering the region as a whole as well as various individual countries: All Asia; Australia; Japan; and China.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 14 indices. ANREV Indices include:

  • Australia, China, Closed-end Funds, Core, Japan, Sector, Country, Open-end Funds, Opportunity Funds, Value-added Funds Index, etc.

Some of the Index data items available include:

  • Gearing Ratio, Last Price Date, Number of Constituents, Quarter Total Return, Total Gross Asset Value (GAV), etc.

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