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Asset Risk Consultants

Asset Risk Consultants (“ARC”) provides investment consulting, manager research and performance reporting to private clients, charities, family offices, professional trustees and their trusted advisers. ARC PCI is a set of risk-based indices designed to be used by private clients and their advisers in assessing the performance of any discretionary portfolio with a non-specialist mandate. There are PCI series for each currency, designed specifically for investors with either US Dollar, Euro or Sterling as their reference currency.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts 8 indices, including ARC PCI and ACI Estimate Indices (Balanced Asset, Equity Risk, Steady Growth, etc.).

Some of the index data items available include:

  • Description
  • Database Domain Code
  • Last Price Date
  • Price Index (Estimate, Unchecked, Validated) (USD, BPS, Euros, Swiss Francs)


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