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ASX Bank Bill Swap Rates

Published in Alternative Indices

The ASX Bank Bill Swap (BBSW) Benchmark Rates represent the midpoint of the nationally observed best bid and best offer (NBBO) for AFMA Prime Bank Eligible Securities. Consistent with other unsecured short term money market benchmarks used globally, BBSW is characterised as an interest rate which includes a credit premium. In the case of BBSW, this represents the market assessment of the premium payable by the ASX Prime Banks relative to a comparable risk-free interest rate curve.

ASX in consultation with the ASX BBSW Advisory Committee (the “Committee”) has primary oversight of the governance of the BBSW process, this oversight including the review of the determination and dissemination methodology applied in the construction of BBSW. The Committee is responsible for providing advice concerning the ongoing review and maintenance of the Conventions set out in this document.

BBSW benchmark rates represent the midpoint of the nationally observed and executable best bid and best offer for ASX Prime Bank Eligible Securities of all specified tenors, as calculated in accordance with the approved Calculation Mechanisms as prescribed within these Conventions. The observations sourced from Approved Trading Venues are the executable prices at which the current Maturity Pool of Prime Bank Eligible Securities trade. The Prime Banks are required to support the market by providing live executable prices to the Approved Trading Venues.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts 7 money markets and 6 indices.

Index coverage includes:

  • AONIA Tenor Rates
  • AFMA Bank Bill Swap Rates
  • AFMA Indicative Discount Ref Rate

Some of the data items available include:

  • Mid, Bid, and Asking Prices
  • Last Update Date
  • Domain and Maturity


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