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Bank of Mexico Deposit Rates

Banco de Mexico carries out operations in the securities market in order to regulate the liquidity of Mexico’s financial system. It also undertakes primary auctions of securities for the government and other public sector entities, and issues regulations on several financial operations of financial intermediaries.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 30 indices, including the following:

  • Mexico Investment Units and CPIs
  • Weighted average funding rate – Bank, Gov.
  • Target Interbank Equilibrium Interest Rate (TIIE) – 28, 91, 182 Day

Some of the data items available include Monthly Rate, Annual accumulated rate, Rates of Banking Instruments and Average Costs of Bank Term Deposits:

  • Daily information (Money Market Representative Interest Rates, Amounts and interest rates of one-day maturity settled through INDEVAL)
  • Weekly information (Interbank Interest Rates)
  • Monthly information (Interbank and Funding Interest Rates, Average costs of bank term-deposits, Interest Rates of Bank Instruments, Interest rates on household credit)


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