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Best Credit Data

Best Credit Data was founded on the principle of using the best Big Data technology and resources available to create the best and most transparent evaluated pricing source for the Corporate and Municipal Bond Markets. They use one of the world’s largest high performance cloud based data analytics platforms, designed specifically for large-scale big data analysis. On this platform, they are able to calculate more analytics per minute than most firms can do in days. In terms of Evaluated Pricing, this leads to better, faster and more accurate pricing. In terms of Bond Analytics, this leads to faster and less expensive calculations, which leads to real savings to the client. They are using the next generation of computation technology, which means that every day our computational power increases.

Best Credit Data delivers daily evaluations (prices) representing approximately 1.25 million municipal bond products in the US market, including investment grade, high yield, derivatives, single and multi-family housing, and taxable municipals (BAB, Student Loan, Public Improvement).

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

Some of Best Credit Data’s content available through RIMES includes:

  • Municipal Bond Daily & Historical End of Day Pricing (coverage of US Municipal Bonds)
  • Corporate Bond Daily & Historical End of Day Pricing (coverage of U.S. Corporate Bonds)

Best Credit Data

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