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COMIT Indices

Comit indices are benchmark indicators that mirror the performance of the Italian stock market. The general indices are known as “Global” indices (with the calculation base set at 100 as of December 31, 1972).
In order to describe specific, as well as overall, performance, 7 sector-based indices are calculated: banking, financial, insurance, telecoms and services, real estate, transport, etc.. The latter is further broken down into eleven sub-sectors. The Comit family of indices has been enhanced over time in order to respond to capital market developments and to meet the changing needs of the financial community

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this source, RIMES hosts data for approximately 40 indices and 340 companies.

Index coverage includes:

  • Comit Performance
  • Comit Globale
  • Comit Nuovo Mercato
  • Comit Small Cap
  • Comit 30

Some of the data items available include: symbol, domain, description, price index and gross index.

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