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Consensus Economics

Consensus Economics, headquartered in London, United Kingdom, is a global macroeconomic survey firm that polls economists for their forecasts for over 2000 macroeconomic indicators in 115 countries. Consensus Economics publishes Consensus Forecasts™, a widely cited monthly compilation of macroeconomic forecasts and topical analyses by country for 115 economies. The countries covered include member countries of the G-7 industrialized nations, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. It also has more specialized publications such as the Foreign Exchange forecasts and Energy & Metals Consensus Forecasts. Once a year the company releases The Consensus Forecasts Global Outlook at the start of November, which covers long-term forecasts for countries in Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America and the Asia Pacific.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts:

  • CECFSF Consensus Economics Current and Following Year Survey Forecasts – companies and indices, 15 country-related indices
  • CEDGIF Consensus Economics Daily GDP and Inflation Forecast Updates – the data series includes the Consensus (mean average) for each variable from the start of the series, and from April 2005 also includes distribution statistics giving the High forecast, Low forecast and Standard Deviation of the forecasts.
  • CELTCF Consensus Economics Long Term Consensus Forecasts – companies and indices – based on special surveys across countries and regions. Long-term forecasts are updated every April and October (in Consensus Forecasts, Asia Pacific Consensus Forecasts and Latin American Consensus Forecasts) and March and September (in Eastern Europe Consensus Forecasts).

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