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DFBF Danish Benchmark Rates

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The Danish Financial Benchmark Facility is an independent benchmark administrator, specifically set up to administer the Danish financial benchmarks CiBOR, Swap, Tom/Next and CITA. Its primary purpose is to provide a best practice governance environment for the production of the Danish benchmarks under international guidelines and regulations.

The DFBF is in the process of preparing the benchmarks for authorisation under EU BMR prior to the 31st December 2019. The benchmarks are currently administered by Finance Denmark, with the benchmarks transitioning to the DFBF as benchmark administrator on authorisation. A transitional Oversight Committee has been set up specifically to manage this transition.

DFBF has on 1st October 2019 taken on the calculation and distribution of the benchmarks. The DFBF application to Finanstilsynet (Danish FSA) to be authorized to operate as Administrator under Benchmark regulation (BMR), has been filed. It is anticipated that the DFBF will receive authorization before the end of this year.​

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 24 money markets, including Interbank Offer Rates and CITA (Copenhagen), Swap Reference Rates and Interest Rates.

The Danish Financial Benchmark Facility is responsible for the calculation, distribution and licensing of these benchmarks from the 1st October 2019;

  • CIBOR®
  • CITA
  • Tomorrow/Next
  • SWAP


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