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Dow Jones Commodity Indices

The Dow Jones Commodity Index is a broad measure of the commodity futures market that emphasizes diversification and liquidity through a simple, straightforward, equal-weighted approach
The DJCI is run by S&P DJI with nearly two decades of proven commodity indexing experience built upon transparent decision making, strong governance, and critical quality controls. This experience is poured into the DJCI; including commodity selection based on the rules written in the methodology that mirror the time-tested rules of the S&P GSCI methodology.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 340 indices and constituents

Some of the index items available include:

  • Database Domain Code, Database Symbol, Description, Divisor Factor , Excess Return , Gross Index , Hedged Gross Index , Last Price Date, Market Capitalization , Next Day Divisor, Next Day Gross Index Market Capitalization, Next Day Market Capitalization, Next Day Number of Constituents, Number of Constituents, Sector Description, Spot Index, etc.

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