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Dow Jones Global Indices

The Dow Jones Global Indexes (DJGI) are designed to serve as both investable global market benchmarks and as an unbiased, comprehensive family of country, regional, and global industry-wide indexes. The same rules-based stock-selection methodology is used to design and maintain each index in the DJGI family. These rules establish what each company’s common equity market capitalisation is, its publicly available float and liquidity, and which economic sector and industry group it belongs in.

The indexes in the DJGI family are capitalisation-weighted, adjusted for free-float shares and calculated on a price and total return basis. All DJGI stocks are grouped into industries and sectors as defined by the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB). The indexes are calculated on a country, regional and world level in both local currencies and US dollars.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 33300 indices and 9100 companies.

Some of the data items covered at RIMES include:

  • Index Items – gross index, market capitalisation, price index, source group code, etc.
  • Company Items (current and historical) – country code, country weight, currency code, cusip, date, description, dividend, dow jones indentifier, dow jones internal code, exchange rate, gross adjustment, industry code, investable factor, investable market value, investable weight, isin, last price date, market capitalisation range, market value, market weight, net adjustment, sector code, sedol, shares investable, shares outstanding, sub-sector code, super-sector code, symbol, ticker, unadjusted price, etc.

S&P Dow Jones Indices

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