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RIMES Economic Series

Economic databases available on RIMES are numerical time-series, for part or all of a single economy or the international economy. When they are time-series the data sets are usually monthly but can be quarterly or annual. The data may be adjusted in various ways, most commonly adjusted or unadjusted for seasonal fluctuations.

RIMES covers economic and financial items for countries, regions, and industries. Economic and forecast data facilitate financial and industry analysis related to:

  • Developed Markets – United States, Canada, Europe and Japan
  • Emerging Markets – Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe
  • Regional Markets – United States, Canada and Europe
  • Financial Markets – Securities, Interest Rates and Currencies
  • Industry Sectors – Energy, Automotive, Agriculture, Telecom, etc.

RIMES provides a variety of effective data extraction methods for economic data. Below are output examples for a database browser report and a spreadsheet data extraction tool, both featuring economic data sources. Browser reports are available to customers at RIMES Online, and data can be extracted from databases into your desktop spreadsheet via RIMES Add-in for Excel. To learn more about these two methods of data retrieval, see RIMES Desktop. If you wish to learn more about product details and subscriptions, please contact us.

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