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EDHEC-Risk Indices

The EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre is a premier European center for applied financial research. The center concentrates efforts of its international research team on issues which correspond to major industry needs. In 2010, EDHEC-Risk Institute, on the basis of its research results in the area of index and benchmark construction, set up EDHEC-Risk Indices & Benchmarks, the goal of which is to make available to investment industry professionals new forms of indices and benchmarks that genuinely add value in terms of both being efficient and representative of risks. The second aspect of this research programme examines the use of index products in the core-satellite approach to investment management.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts 13 indices and approximately 10 data items.

Some of the inclusive indices include: Convertible Arbitragem, CTA Global, Distressed Securities, Emerging Markets, Equity Market Neutral, Event Driven, Fixed Income Arbitrage, Funds Of Funds, Global Macro, Long/Short Equity, Merger Arbitrage, Relative Value, Short Selling, etc.

Available data items include: Country Code, Currency Code, Cusip Code, Database Source, Database Symbol, Description, Isin Code, Monthly Rate Of Return, Reuters Identification Code, Sedol Code, etc.

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