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EMQQ Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce Index

The Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce Index™ (“EMQQ Index” or “the Index”) measures and monitors the performance of an investable universe of publicly-traded companies deriving a majority of their assets or revenues from Internet & Ecommerce in Emerging Markets. The Index was created and is owned by Big Tree Capital LLC. The Index is maintained by Solactive AG (the “Index Administrator”). The Index uses a modified float-adjusted market capitalization weighting methodology to weight individual positions.. The index is rebalanced semi-annually on the third Friday in June and December. New companies that meet the eligibility requirements will be added to the index at the time of the semi-annual rebalancing.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 50 companies and the Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce Index. Some of the data items available include:

  • Company items – Bloomberg Ticker, Capping Factor, Country Code, Currency Code, Exchange Rate, Free Float Factor, Investable Factor, Investable Market Value in Local Currency, Investable Shares Outstanding, Investable Weight in Index (Source), ISIN Code, Last Price Date, Market Value in Local Currency, Reuters Identification Code (RIC), Shares Outstanding, Unadjusted Price,  etc.
  • Index items – Database Domain Code, Database Symbol, Description, Price Index, Number of Constituents, etc.

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