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ETF Global®

ETF Global® (ETFG®) is a leading, independent provider of data, research, investment decision support applications, proprietary risk analytics and educational offerings for Exchange-Traded-Products. The ETFG research platform, which is driven by the ETFG Multi-Factor, Quantitative Model (ETFG Quant), supports the overall investment process with a variety of strategies and applications to pursue return, manage risk, utilize investment analysis and generate investment ideas.

The ETFG Series is directed at pensions, asset managers and consultants who are active within exchange-traded-products and feel it is more appropriate to be benchmarked to an index of ETFs than a benchmark reflecting the asset classes of the underlying constituents.

The ETFG Series of ETF Indexes spans four primary categories: Bellwether Indices, Market Performance Indices, Dynamic Indices and Custom Indices.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 2200 ETFs, including ETF Global Equities, Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities, Real Estate, and Multi-Asset classes. ETF Global data includes a comprehensive set of reference and analytics data for U.S. Listed Exchange-Traded-Funds and is primarily sourced directly from fund sponsors, custodians, distributors and administrators. These data sets include:

  • ETF Profile Data, ETF Daily Fund Flows, ETF Global Proprietary Analysis, and ETF Constituents

Some of the data items available include:

  • Bloomberg Global Identification Key, Country Code, Cusip, ETF Ticker, Exchange Identification Code, Investable Market Value in Local Currency, Investable Shares Outstanding, Investable Weight in Index, ISIN Code, Net Asset Value, Net Fund Flows, Security Classification, Security Type, SEDOL Code, Shares Outstanding, Ticker, Total Weight, etc.

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