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Euronext – Lisbon Indices

Euronext Lisbon is a stock exchange in Lisbon, Portugal. It belongs to the Euronext group, the first global stock exchange. The Lisbon Index Weightings product is comprised of Index (carrying index levels, divisors and market capitalization) and Stock reports (carrying detailed composition data) published twice daily. The Next Day reports (NXTD) carry data adjusted for corporate actions/index reviews. The PSI 20® is made up of shares issued by the maximum 20 highest ranking companies in terms of free float market capitalization. Weighting is based on Free Float adjusted market capitalization and eligible companies are required to fullfil the velocity threshold and minimum free float.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 22 indices and 60 companies. Index coverage includes the PSI 20 and various sectors. Note that RIMES also offers index weightings (constituent products) for this data source. There are approximately 60 data items currently available, including the following:

  • Index Items: Divisor Factor In Local Currency, Gross Index In Local Currency, Market Capitalization In Local Currency, Net Index In Local Currency, Numbers Of Constituents, Price Index In Local Currency, etc.
  • Company Items: Adjusted  Price, Adjustment Factor, Combined Database Source & Symbol Code, Country Code, Date Of Portfolio, Dividend Per Share Gross, Dividends Net, Index Component Weight, Index Flag, Industry Level, Investable Factor, Investable Market Value, Investable Shares Outstanding, Market Identifier Code, Market Value, Number Of Shares Outstanding, Shares Outstanding, Total Return, Unadjusted Price, Weight In Index, etc.


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