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Euronext – Low Risk Indices

The Euronext Low Risk Index Weightings are low risk indices developed in partnership with Finvex Group, and based on the successful European national blue chip indices and provide new risk adjusted investment possibilities for investors and Exchange Traded Product (ETP) providers.

With the introduction of the new low risk index series, Euronext is responding to growing demand from institutional investors for better risk control mechanisms. Through the use of advanced risk analysis tools and an optimization process, a robust insight into risk is achieved. The careful selection and weighting of equities in the low risk indices aims at lower overall risk than traditional market capitalization weighted indices.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts the following indices:

  • CAC Low Risk Index
  • CAC Low Risk Index NR
  • CAC Low Risk Index GR
  • AEX Low Risk Index
  • AEX Low Risk Index NR
  • AEX Low Risk Index GR

Note that RIMES also offers index weightings (constituent products) for this data source.


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