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Fossil Free Indexes Carbon Underground 200

The Fossil Free Indexes are based on the capitalization-weighted S&P 500 index negatively screened for The Carbon Underground 200™, the largest public fossil fuel companies globally, ranked on the carbon content of their reported reserves. FFIUS is a benchmark index built to be the basis for investable products based on carbon risk and/or climate risk in the world. Companies owning fossil fuel reserves have valuations based on development of their reserves. They have the corresponding risk that those assets will be “stranded” and their valuations will drop if reserves cannot all be extracted due to regulation or market forces. FFIUS removes from the S&P 500 those public companies ranked by The Carbon Underground 200 as having the reserves with the greatest carbon emissions potential.

Fossil Free Indexes℠ provides benchmarks, research and investment solutions that support carbon-responsible investing, with an initial focus on broad market indexes ex-fossil fuels that align with the divestment movement. Embracing the transition to a low carbon economy through responsible investing, they join the growing number of analysts who believe fossil fuel companies are overvalued and a risky long-term investment based on unburnable reserves.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 475 companies and 1 index (Fossil Free Indexes US index). Some of the data items available include:

  • Index Items – Divisor Factor in US Dollars, Gross Index in US Dollars, Price Index in US Dollars, etc.
  • Company Items – Adjusted Price, Adjustment Factor, Bloomberg Ticker, Capping Factor, Country Code, Country Description, Currency Code, Date of Portfolio, Dividend Per Share Gross, Exchange Rate, Free Float Factor, Gross Adjustment Factor, ISIN Code, Market Value in Local Currency, Reuters Identification Code (RIC), SEDOL Code, Shares Outstanding, Total Return, Unadjusted Price, etc.


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