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FTSE UK Level Annuity Index

The FTSE UK Level Annuity Index Series is a set of benchmarks designed to allow users to compare changes in the value of a pre-retirement fund with changes in annuity prices. Annuity rates differ depending on individual circumstances, and the series reflects this with multiple indices representing a range of retirement profiles, creating a suitable comparison to assess fund performance. The index series is calculated daily, using the average of the three highest annuity rates for different retirement profiles (Early, Standard, Late).

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts 12 indices; including various FTSE UK Level Adjusted Annuities and Annuity Single and Joint indices.

Some of the data items currently available include:

  • Annuity Rate, Parameters (B0-4, C1-4), Macaulay Duration, Interest Rate, Last Price Date, Price Index, etc.

FTSE Russell

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