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FTSE Watch List

The FTSE Watch List Index Series illustrates the impact of the addition of region-specific indices within FTSE’s widely used global benchmark series. The indices are calculated as an indicator of what current market performance would look like if certain ‘FTSE Watch List’ events had already taken place. They allow investors to assess precisely the influence on turnover, investment flows and weightings that any possible reclassification of the four markets currently on FTSE’s Watch List would have on portfolios.

Key Features and Coverage on RIME

For this data source, RIMES currently hosts data for approximately 9150 companies and 30 indices.

Index coverage includes:

  • FTSE All China Index, FTSE Asia Pacific Ex Japan Incl. China A Index, FTSE China A Index, FTSE China Index, FTSE Developed Ex Greece Index, FTSE Developed Incl. Taiwan Index, FTSE Emerging All Cap Ex Taiwan Index, FTSE Emerging Ex Taiwan Index, FTSE Emerging Incl. China A, Greece, UAE Ex Argentina, FTSE Frontier Incl. Argentina Incl. Malta Index, FTSE Greater China Index

Some of the data items available include:

  • Index Items: Gross Index, Market Capitalisation, Number Of Constituents, Price Index, Dividend Yield, Last Price Date
  • Company Items: Adjusted Price, Adjustment Factor, Currency Code, Cusip Code, Date Of Portfolio, Dividends, Exchange Code, Industry Code (Icb), Investable Factor, Investable Market Value In US Dollars, Isin Code, Market Identifier Code, Market Value In US Dollars, Net Adjustment Factor, Number Of Shares Outstanding, Sector (Icb), Sedol Code, Shares Outstanding, Size Flag, Subsector (Icb), Supersector (Icb), Total Return, Unadjusted Price

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