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GPR Pure Infrastructure Indices

Published in Thematic Indices

Global listed infrastructure is attracting the attention of institutional investors worldwide. Infrastructure is recognized as the backbone of the global economy due to its long-lived standing assets and importance to vital processes within day-to-day life. It offers the potential for stable, predictable long-term yields while providing diversification and inflation-hedging characteristics similar to listed real estate. As the infrastructure market by nature is heterogeneous, capturing the publicly traded segment of this market in an index is challenging. With the GPR Pure Infrastructure Index, Global Property Research (GPR) created an investable benchmark that reflects the pure global listed infrastructure industry by:

  • Utilizing 20 years of know-how on constructing (bespoke) listed real estate benchmarks
  • Constructing a clear framework to filter listed infrastructure companies
  • Providing a perfect tool to further diversify investments
  • Creating an extensive and transparent index series structure

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts geographic and diversified indices such as:

  • GPR Pure Infrastructure Index
  • GPR Pure Infra Americas Index
  • GPR Pure Infra Europe, Middle East & Africa Index
  • GPR Pure Infra Asia-Pacific Index
  • GPR Pure Infra Country Index
  • GPR Pure Infra Developed Index
  • GPR Pure Infra Emerging Index
  • GPR Pure Infra MLP Index
  • GPR Pure Infra ex MLP Index

Tailor-made access to sector specific indices within the pure global listed infrastructure industry can also be made available.

As of 28th February 2017, RIMES hosts approximately 120 constituents representing a combined free float market capitalization of over USD 600 billion. With a broad exposure to regions and sectors, the index series provides investors the opportunity to further diversify, thereby improving the risk-return trade-off within an investment portfolio. Moreover, the correlation of infrastructure securities versus real estate securities, equities and bonds is low, potentially enhancing the efficient frontier.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Index Items – Gross Index, Number of Constituents, Price Index, etc.
  • Company Items – Continent Description, Country Description, Currency Code, Daily Dividend Return, Daily Price Return, Date of Portfolio, Float Shares, Free Float Factor, Index Currency Code, Index Identifier, Investable Market Value, Investable Weight, ISIN Code, Last Price Date, Market Capitalization, Opening investable Market Value in Euros, Opening Investable Weight in Index, Sector Code, Price Return (EUR, LOC, USD), Sector Description, Sedol Code, Shares Outstanding, Total Return (EUR, LOC, USD), Unadjusted Price, etc.


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