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Hedgegate Indices

Hedgegate is a database for Swiss funds of hedge funds approved by the Swiss Financial Market Advisory Authority (FINMA). This database also contains several hundred FoHF for qualified investors. The Hedgegate Swiss FoHF Index (SFoHFI) is calculated based on the database Every fund is involved in the index calculation as soon as they are listed on the database and until a possible liquidation date. Liquidated funds drop out. The past performance is not re-calculated, which prevents a survivorship bias. The returns of all funds are considered equally weighted.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts the hedgegate Swiss FoHF Index and the following index data items:

  • Database Symbol
  • Description
  • Net Assetvalue in Swiss Francs
  • Net Assetvalue in Euros
  • Net Assetvalue in British Pounds
  • Net Assetvalue in Japanese Yen
  • Net Assetvalue in Us Dollars

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