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Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department (HK CENSTATD)

The Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) provides high-quality statistical services such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI), contributing to the social and economic developments of Hong Kong. With strict adherence to integrity and objectivity, C&SD is committed to providing high-quality statistical services meeting international and domestic requirements.  Apart from compiling and disseminating relevant, timely and reliable official statistics in accordance with international standards and statistical principles, the Department also strives to promote statistical literacy and the development of statistical work.

The department’s mission is:

  • To provide adequate, relevant, reliable and timely statistics to facilitate research, discussion, planning and decision making within the government and in the community.
  • To ensure that the compilation and dissemination of statistics are in accordance with scientific principles, professional ethics and international standards.
  • To promote a user-based culture, ensuring that users can obtain effective and convenient services.

Four series of Consumer Price Indices (CPIs) are compiled to reflect the impact of consumer price changes on households in different expenditure ranges. The CPI(A), CPI(B) and CPI(C) are compiled based on the expenditure patterns of households in the relatively low, medium and relatively high expenditure ranges. By aggregating the expenditure patterns of all households covered by the above three indices, a Composite CPI is also compiled to reflect the impact of consumer price changes on the household sector as a whole.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts the Hong Kong Nominal Wage Index of All Selected Industry Sections. CPI data includes:

  • Composite Consumer Price Index, Consumer Price Index (A), Consumer Price Index (B), Consumer Price Index (C)

Some of the data items available include:

  • Series Value, Last Price Date, Latest 12-month change, National item and group level, Unadjusted and seasonally Adjusted Percent Changes, Annualized rates of change, etc.

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