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IdealRatings ESG

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IdealRatings, incorporated in San Francisco, is a global solutions provider for Responsible Investments. Its database solutions for Equities, REITs, and Fixed income are aimed at global investment managers and asset owners. IdealRatings solutions are licensed by leading financial institutions, asset managers, index providers and brokerage firms in over 25 countries.

IdealRatings, Inc. collaborated with State Street Corporation to create IdealRatings ESG indices, demonstrating both entities’ commitments to support the global integration of ESG material risk management strategies into investment decision making processes. IdealRatings provides State Street with underlying data points of up to 40,000 companies globally. Data delivery covers 200+ parameters, including individual ESG scores and more detailed information on company policies, targets, implementations, structure, and disclosure activities.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 38500 companies. Some of the data items available include:

  • Country of Incorporation Description
  • Country of Registration Description
  • Country of Incorporation Code
  • Country Code to 3 digit alpha ISO Country Code
  • Country of Registration Code
  • Description
  • Database Domain Code/Symbol
  • Ideal Ratings ESG Rating
  • ISIN Code
  • Last Price Date
  • Reuters Identification Code (RIC)
  • Sedol Code
  • Ticker


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Our Managed Data Services

  • Working with 650+ partners and 1600 data sets
  • Superior data quality and accuracy
  • 75,000 index, price & reference data feeds delivered daily
  • Fully managed, validated and system-ready feeds
  • Data delivered via API or file format for operational or analytical users
  • Increase business agility and scalability
  • Faster time to quality & market
  • Global expert 24/7 support

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