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IHS Global Economic and Financial Data

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IHS Global Economic Data contains key indicators and broad economic data for over 200 countries. This data includes time series U.S. Economic Data, International Economic Data, including detailed statistics for individual countries, and Financial Markets Indexes. Associated series information includes macroeconomic variables such as national income accounts, balance of payments, foreign debt, exchange rates, money supply and employment – among other national level categories. Information is also provided for data on the IMF series and the OCDE series.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 6300 economic data securities. IHS Global Economic Data includes:

  • Key indicators and broad economic data for various countries worldwide.
  • Global financial data, including financial indicators for more than 75 countries and broad financial data coverage for over 200 countries.

Data sources include:

  • IHS Basic
  • IHS Canadian (Statistics Canada)
  • IHS U.S. Macroeconomic Indicators
  • IHS United Kingdom ONS
  • IHS U.S. Price Indices
  • IHS U.S. Flow of Funds
  • IHS US Industrial & Regional Economic
  • IHS OECD Main Economic Indicators
  • IHS OECD National Income Accounts
  • IHS World Economic Service Forecast
  • IHS Global Interim Forecast, etc.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Annual Frequency Value
  • Annual Value
  • Country Code
  • Daily Frequency Value
  • Daily Value
  • DRCA Items
  • Frequency of Series
  • Monthly Frequency Value
  • Monthly Value
  • Quarterly Frequency Value
  • Quarterly Value
  • Semi-Annual Frequency Value
  • Weekly Frequency Value
  • Weekly Value, etc.


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Our Managed Data Services

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  • 75,000 index, price & reference data feeds delivered daily
  • Fully managed, validated and system-ready feeds
  • Data delivered via API or file format for operational or analytical users
  • Increase business agility and scalability
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  • Global expert 24/7 support

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