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IHS Money Markets and Fixed Income

This database includes global coverage of money markets, fixed income markets, currency markets, and interbank/ Euro-deposit rates, including multiple maturities and capital markets. Extensive history back to 1970 includes over 21,000 series.

Global Insight was formed in March 2001 from the merger of WEFA (formerly Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates) and DRI (formerly Data Resources Inc), together with Primark Decision Economics, Primark Poland and French company DAFSA.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 19200 economic data securities (corporate bond indices are broken down by maturity and rating).

Some of the data items available include:

  • Annual frequency item, Country code of series, Daily frequency item, Description, Documentation line 1 –4 of series (if available), Frequency of series, Monthly frequency item, Quarterly frequency item, Weekly frequency item, etc.

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