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IHS Economic Indicators & Reference Data

IHS data includes global macroeconomic data series for more than 200 countries sourced from National Statistical Agencies, Central Banks, International Agencies, and supporting financial indicators covering interest rates, exchange rates, commodities, equity and fixed income indices and more. IHS analytics combine globally recognized and monitored forecasts from the IMF, OECD, and the European Commission to enhance projections, bringing focus back to data analysis and business insight.

IHS Markit provides financial pricing data for bonds, CDS and loans, as well as fair value data, equity volatility data and securities lending data for stocks and bonds. The reference data supports the credit, derivative, bond, syndicated loan and legal entity data needs of the financial markets. IHS Markit is a leading, global provider of fixed income, equities and economics indices. Deep experience in designing, administering and calculating innovative indices across OTC and exchange-listed asset classes helps with construction of high quality custom indices that meet unique requirements.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

Index Name + Approximate number of Economic Indicators:

  • IHS Basic – 6500
  • IHS Canadian (Statistics Canada) – 683000
  • IHS Global Economic and Financial – 6300
  • IHS Global Interim Forecast – 52000
  • IHS International Macroeconomic Data by Country – 24000
  • IHS Money Markets and Fixed Income – 20300
  • IHS OECD Main Economic Indicators – 84000
  • IHS OECD National Income Accounts – 185500
  • IHS United Kingdom ONS – 39500
  • IHS US Flow of Funds – 11700
  • IHS US Industrial & Regional Economic -306000
  • IHS US Macroeconomic Indicators – 179000
  • IHS US Price Indices – 45000
  • IHS World Economic Service Forecast – 137500

Some of the data items available include:

  • Annual Frequency Value
  • Annual Value
  • Country Code
  • Daily Frequency Value
  • Daily Value
  • Documentation Lines 1-5 Of Series
  • Frequency Of Series
  • Monthly Frequency Value
  • Monthly Value
  • Quarterly Frequency Value
  • Quarterly Value
  • Semi-Annual Frequency Value
  • Weekly Frequency Value
  • Weekly Value

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