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Serving institutional customers worldwide, iMoneyNet is a leading provider of money market, mutual fund and enhanced cash information, covering more than 1,300 U.S. and offshore money fund products. iMoneyNet’s globally recognized money fund averages are the most widely used benchmarks in the money fund industry. iMoneyNet, Inc. provides money-market information and analysis to institutional, offshore, and retail clients, serving banks, credit unions, mutual funds, life insurance companies, corporate treasury departments, and municipalities.

iMoneyNet, Inc. was formerly known as IBC Financial Data, Inc. and changed its name to iMoneyNet, Inc. in March 2000. The company was founded in 1975 and is based in Westborough, Massachusetts. iMoneyNet, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Informa plc.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 20 indices, including:

  • Blackrock ICS, S&P AAAM Gov, First Tier Inst, Gov Institutional, JPMorgan Euro Gov Liquidity, Taxable (National, State), Tax-free (National, State), etc.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Index Items – Average Maturity, Daily Return (with monthly correction), Daily Simple Yield, Gross Daily Simple Yield, Gross Index (RIMES calculated), Gross Simple Unannualized Return, Market Capitalization, Net Simple Annualized Return 1 Month, Net Simple Unannualized Return, Weighted Average Maturity, etc.

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