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KBRA Ratings

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KBRA is a full service credit rating agency established to restore trust in credit ratings by creating new standards for assessing risk and by offering accurate and transparent ratings. KBRA provides the investment community with an alternative solution by delivering timely and in-depth research. The company offers subscription-based ratings as well as publicly released issuer-paid ratings through research across various sectors, enabling financial institutions to assess risks and avail accurate and transparent ratings based on their financial performance. Its ratings are certified by various governmental organizations including securities & exchange commission (SEC), national association of insurance commissioners (NAIC) and European securities and markets authority (ESMA) among others.

Rating categories include:

  • Underlying Rating based solely on characteristics of issuer or obligor
  • Insured Rating based on presence of insurance policy provided by a financial guarantor
  • Programmatic Rating based on use of the credit of an entity other than issuer/obligor to provide added security
  • Bank-Enhanced Rating based on commitment of a commercial bank to conditionally honor payments of a debt

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts KBRA analytics and data. Data selection is industry-driven and aligns with the needs of specialist investors, advisors, and industry participants.

Data coverage includes the following sectors:

  • Structured Finance
  • Public Finance
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance
  • Corporates
  • Funds
  • Project Finance & Infrastructure
  • Sovereigns
  • Financial Guaranty

Some of the data items available from this source include the following:

  • Sector: The name of the sector that the rating is associated with.
  • Rating: The rating code for the rating record (i.e. AAA, BB+, K1, K2) with an (sf) appended for structured finance ratings.
  • Rating Type: Indicates whether a rating is long term, or short term, a funds rating etc.
  • Rating Category: The rating category (Underlying, Insured, Bank Enhanced, or Programmatic).
  • Rating Outlook: Outlook action (POS, NEG, STA, or DEV).
  • Rating Outlook Date: The date of the rating outlook.
  • Rating Action: The description of the rating action.
  • Rating Action Date: The date of the rating action.
  • Watch Status: The watch status (UP, DEV, or DN).
  • Watch Status Date: The date of the watch status.
  • Publish Time: The date and time of the rating publication.
  • Identifier: 9-digit security level identifier (CUSIP/PPN).



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