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KOBI Fixed Income Index

HanKyung-KIS-Reuters Bond Index is the first ‘All Bond Index’ in Korea, representing the Domestic Straight Bond Market. KIS Pricing provides this index to investors around the world through Reuters, Bloomberg and RIMES. This module contains daily index level data starting from 2008-11-20 and constituents exclude private placements, subordinated bonds, FRN, options, ELS, CB, and BW. Sectors are above BBB- grade with 46 sectors in total.

These indexes include a Clean Price Index (does not include accrued interests, reflects only capital gains), Total Return Index (includes accrued interests and capital gains and re-investment of accepted coupons), and Reinvest Call Index (includes accrued interests and capital gains and re-investment of accepted coupons).

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts over 22400 companies and 4715 indices.

Index coverage includes:

  • Hankyung KIS Reuters – Composite Index, Gov. Agency bonds, Gov. Bonds, Treasury Bonds, NHFB, Group 11400, Group 11410, Muni bonds, Seoul metro railroad bonds, Regional devel. Bonds, Special Pub. Bonds, Fin. Debentures, MSB, Bank bonds, Other fin. Debentures, Corporate Bonds, Group 31500, Corp. Bonds (Pub. O & Guaranteed), ABS(Non-guaranteed), ABS(NG)
  • KOBI Pension – Composite Index, Gov. bonds, Muni bonds, Special Pub. Bonds, MSB, Bank bonds, Other fin. Debentures, Corp. Bonds (Pub. O & Non-guaranteed), Corp. Bonds (Pub. O & Guaranteed), ABS (Non-guaranteed)

Some of the data items available include:

  • Average Convexity, Average Coupon, Average Current Yield, Average Duration, Average Life, Average Yield, Clean Price Index, Description, Domain, Gross Price Index, Group Code, Group Description, Group Level, Issue Amount, Market Value, Maturity Bucket Code/Desc/Level, Number Of Constituents, Reinvest Call Index, Reinvest Zero Index, Symbol, Total Return Index, etc.


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