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KOSCOM Fixed Income Indices

The KTB-related market is a market for financial instruments derived from KTBs. The growth of the KTB market led to the formation and development of this market, which is in turn driving the qualitative growth of the KTB market overall. There are several types of KTB-related market. The Repo market trades KTBs but adds the character of money market by attaching certain conditions; STRIPS separates the principal and interest of KTBs and trades them as marketable securities; KTB futures are used to gain profits from price fluctuations in KTBs without actual trading; and ETF invests in KTB indices to diversify investments portfolios. The participants in these markets have different investment purposes compared to those in the KTB market. The KTB-related market will continue to develop and expand, which is anticipated to benefit the KTB spot market. The Korean government will continue its policy efforts in revitalizing this market

The KRX provides various trading platforms for fixed income securities; including: Korean Treasury Bonds Market(KTS), General Bonds Market(GBM), and Korean Treasury Bonds Market (KTS).

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 11 indices; including KRX Bond KTB Index and KRX Treasury Bond Indices.



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