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Markit iBoxx ASIA Indices

The Markit iBoxx Asia ex-Japan Index family comprises local currency debt from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. The indexes serve as benchmarks for asset managers and investors and may form the basis for traded products, such as ETFs. Multiple-contributor pricing ensures that they are an accurate reflection of the underlying markets. Sub-indexes are published at market and sector level, allowing any combination of indexes to suit an investment profile.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 3000 bonds, 350 indices and 11 currencies.

Index coverage includes: 

  • iBoxx Asia, Markit ABF Pan-asia, etc.

Currency coverage includes: 


Some of the data items available include:

  • Bond items: Accrued Interest, Annual Convexity/Modified Duration/Yield, Ask Price, Base Market Value, Bid Price, Cash Payment In Local Currency, Component Weight, Country, Coupon, Currency, Daily Return, Database Domain, Day Count Designation, Dirty Price Used In Valuations, Duration, Ex-Dividend Factor/Flag, First Coupon Date/Settle Date, Frequency, Hedged Market Value, Interest Accrued Date, Isin Identifier, Issuer, Level Sector Classification, Market Value/Base Weight, Maturity Bands/Date, Mid Price, Notional Amount/ Outstanding, Paid Cash, Portfolio Date, Rating, Redemption, Sinking Factor (For Gbp Indexes), Street Convexity/Modified Duration/Yield, Symbol, Ticker, Top Level Index Membership, Years To Maturity, etc.
  • Currency Items: Ask Price (Fx Rates), Bid Price (Fx Rates), Forward One Month Price (Fx Rates), Mid Price (Fx Rates), Price (Fx Rates), Last Price Date, etc.
  • Index Items: Base Market Capitalisation In Us Dollars, Convexity, Coupon, Duration, Gross Price Index, Hedged Base Market Capitalisation In Us Dollars, Hedged Coupon Income Index In Us Dollars, Hedged Gross Price Index, Hedged Income Index In Us Dollars, Hedged Index In Us Dollars, Hedged Market Capitalisation In Us Dollars, Hedged Paid Cash In Us Dollars, Hedged Redemption Income Index In Us Dollars, Hedged Return In Us Dollars, Income Index, Income Index In Us Dollars, Index Base Market Value (Usd), Index Market Value (Usd), Market Capitalisation In Us Dollars, Modified Duration, Notional Amount Us Dollars, Number Of Constituents, Paid Cash In Us Dollars, Price Duration, Price Index, Redemption Income Index, Total Return Index, Yield, YTM, etc.

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