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Markit iBoxx Inflation Linked Indices

Published in Fixed Income Indices

The Markit iBoxx Global Inflation-linked Indices cover the major sovereign and quasi-sovereign inflation-linked bond markets of the world. Markit Indices are structured to provide international investors with benchmarks and a platform for research and structured products. The indices benefit from multiple-contributor pricing and support from leading global financial institutions.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 180 bonds and 100 indices, including an array of inflation-linked iBoxx indices.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Index Items: Annual Portfolio/ Nominal Annual/ Nominal Average Portfolio/ Nominal Semi Annual Portfolio – Convexity/Modified Duration/Portfolio Yield, Average Annual Convexity/Modified Duration/Yield, Average Coupon/Duration/Macaulay Duration, Average Semi Annual Convexity/Modified Duration/Yield, Average Yield To Maturity, Base Market Capitalisation, Cash Payment, Daily Return, Expected Remaining Life, Hedged Index/Price Index/Return/Total Return, Market Capitalisation, Month-To-Date Total Return, Next Day Market Capitalization, Nominal Base Market Capitalisation/Cash Payment/Daily Return/Hedged Index/Market Capitalisation/Month-To-Date Total Return, Nominal Price Duration/Index, Nominal Total Return, Number Of Constituents, Paid Cash, Price Duration, Price Index, Real Annual Portfolio/ Average Annual Convexity/Modified Duration/Yield, Real Average Coupon/Duration/Semi Annual Convexity/Modified Duration/Yield, Real Base Market Capitalisation, Real Cash Payment/Daily Return/Hedged Return/Market Capitalisation/Month-To-Date Total Return/ Price Duration/ Semi Annual Portfolio Convexity/Modified Duration/Yield, Real Total Return, Semi Annual Portfolio, Convexity/Modified Duration/Yield, Total Return, Database Domain Code/Source/Symbol, Notional Outstanding, Rimes Subscription Level, Top Level Index Membership, etc.
  • Company Items: Accrued Interest, Annual Convexity/Modified Duration/Yield, Ask Price, Assumed Inflation, Base Market Value, Bid Price, Bloomberg Ticker, Combined Database Source & Symbol Code, Convexity, Coupon, Coupon Frequency/Payment, Currency Code, Current Redemption Payment, Cusip Code, Daily Return, Date of Portfolio, Day Count, Dirty Price, First Coupon Date, Fixing, Index Price, Index Ratio, Inflation Index, Interest Accrued Date, ISIN Code, Issuer Class, Macaulay Duration, Market Value, Maturity Date, Modified Duration, Month to Date Total Return, Nominal and Real Accrued Interest/Convexity/Modified Duration/Annual Yield/Ask Price/Base Market Value/Bid Price/Coupon/Daily Return/Dirty Price/Index Price/Market Value/Month to Date Total Return/Straight Convexity/Duration/Modified Duration/Yield, Notional Outstanding, Rating, Redemption Factor (For GBP Indexes), Semi Annual Convexity/Modified Duration/Yield, Straight Convexity/Duration/Modified Duration, Ticker, Weight in Index, Work Out Date, Years to Maturity, Yield, etc.


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  • Working with 400+ data and 1400 data sets
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  • 75,000 index, price & reference data feeds delivered daily
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  • Data delivered via API or file format for operational or analytical users
  • Increase business agility and scalability
  • Faster time to quality & market
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