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Markit iBoxx USD Indices

Markit iBoxx indices cover the cash bond market and are comprised of liquid investment grade issues. Underlying bond prices and indices are available in real time for Euro and Sterling and end of day for USD and Asia.

These indices include US Dollar-denominated fixed income investment grade issues. The Markit iBoxx USD bond indices comprise Treasury, Agency and Corporate issues. In addition to overall indices, separate indices are published for Domestic, Eurodollar issues, as are maturity, rating and sector indices.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 18200 bonds and 3230 indices.

Index coverage includes:

  • iBoxx Domestic indices, Eurodollor indices, USD indices (Banks, Corporates, Financials, Insurance, Liquid High Yield, Real Estate, etc.).

Some of the index items available include:

  • Average Convexity, Average Duration, Average Life, Average Yield, Description, Face Value, Present Value Of All Future Liabilities, Total Return, etc.

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