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Morningstar Manager Benchmark Series

Morningstar Manager Benchmarks

The Morningstar Manager Benchmarks offer a distinct view into a full range of managed investments for incisive performance, portfolio, and operations data analysis that better captures how money managers and consultants view the manager and investment universes. This time series data consists of peer groups based on the Morningstar Institutional Categories and specialized investment groupings based on fund attribute data.

The specialized benchmarks divide funds into peer groups by criteria such as portfolio or stock concentration for improved benchmarking. These fund-based benchmarks facilitate deeper category analysis and are available in asset-weighted and equal-weighted versions.  Benchmarks contain constituents from the Open End, Closed End, VA Underlying, and Exchange Traded Fund universes, as these universes are ranked collectively within the Morningstar Institutional Categories.

Please note that portfolio data is not available for these benchmarks and are not intended to be used as primary benchmarks.

Manager Benchmark Methodology

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