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MSCI WMA Private Investor Indexes

MSCI is the sole authorised index provider behind the Wealth Management Association (WMA) Private Investor Index Series. The series consists of five composite indices designed to represent the weightings and show returns of selected multi-asset-class strategies, determined by the WMA Private Investor Indices Committee.

The indices include weightings of equities, bonds, real estate “cash” and “alternative” investments in proportions that reflect the longer-term objectives for each strategy. The weightings are determined by the WMA Private Indices Committee, which is responsible for regularly surveying WMA members and reflecting in each index the industry’s collective view for each strategic objective. The index weightings are updated when the Committee determines that strategy changes across the industry warrant a review.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 25 indices, including:

  • WMA Private Investor Balanced
  • WMA Private Investor Conservative
  • WMA Private Investor Global Growth
  • WMA Private Investor Growth
  • WMA Private Investor Income

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