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MVIS Fixed Income

MV Index Solutions develops, monitors and markets the MVIS Indices, a focused selection of pure-play and investable indices designed to underlie financial products. They cover several asset classes including hard assets and international equity markets, as well as fixed income markets.

MVIS Bond indices provide access to a specific selection of fixed income indices including unique index benchmarks such as the MVIS EM Aggregate Bond Index (MVEMAG) or the MVIS US Treasury Hedged High Yield Bond Index (MVTHHY).

MVEMAG is currently offering the most comprehensive exposure to Emerging Markets bonds through the inclusion of the four major categories of emerging markets bonds. MVTTHY’s combination of long and short components results in an index that tracks the marriage two investment goals: participation in high yield and interest rate protection.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 6300 bonds, 1900 companies, and 10 indices. Index coverage includes:

  • MVIS Altman N. Am. Defaulted & Distressed Bonds, MVIS EM Aggregate Bond, MVIS EM Corporate Bonds, MVIS EM Sovereign Bonds, MVIS US Investment Grade Floating Rates, and MVIS US Treasury-Hedged High Yield Bond.



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