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National Institute of Statistics (France/Italy)

The ESS is the partnership between the EU statistical authority, consisting of the Commission (Eurostat), National Statistical Institutes (NSIs), and other national authorities responsible in each Member State for developing, producing and disseminating European statistics.

INSEE collects, produces, analyses and disseminates statistical information on the economy, society and territories of France. This information is relevant to public authorities, government bodies, local authorities, social partners, businesses, the media, researchers, teachers, students and private individuals. It enables them to deepen their knowledge, conduct studies, prepare forecasts and take decisions. In order to satisfy its users, INSEE is always ready to listen to their needs and adjust its work accordingly.

The consumer price index (CPI) is the instrument used to measure inflation. It allows the estimation of the average variation between two given periods in the prices of products consumed by households. It is based on the observation of a fixed basket of goods updated every year. Each product has a weight in the overall index that is proportional to its weight in household expenditure.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts 2 indices, the French CPI and Italian CPI.

Data items include: Description, Database Domain Code, Price Index, Database Source, and Database Symbol.


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