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Newedge Indices

Newedge Indices


The Newedge Alternative Investment Solutions is an innovator in providing investors with benchmarking tools that accurately represent key hedge fund strategy styles. The Newedge family of indices represents a range of non-investable products that are highly relevant for demonstrating potential for diversification of returns.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts the following indices:

  • Daily Indices: Newedge CTA Index, Newedge Trend Index, Newedge Trend Indicator, Newedge Short Term Traders Index
  • Monthly indices: Newedge Macro Trading Index, Newedge Commodity Trading Index, Newedge Volatility Trading Index

Some of the data items currently available for this source include:

  • Property Items: Description, Domain, Symbol
  • Time Series Items: Month-to-date Total Return

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