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PacificData is a leading provider of analytical systems and integrated financial information on Japanese companies/markets, advisory services, and financial solutions development services. PacificData’s core product, PacificBase, was the first PC-based analytical service providing comprehensive information on Japanese equities.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 5700 securities. Some of the data items available include:

  • Information-related Items: Adr Flag, City, Comment, Consolidated Flag, Consolidated Interim Flag, Count, Current Fiscal Year, Current Flag, Current Interim, Current Interim Fiscal Year, Defunct Flag, Description, Exchange, Fiscal Year-End, Founded, Group Code, Industry Code, Interim Fiscal Year, Interim Flag, J Stock Flag, Japanese Address Line, Japanese City, Japanese Industry, Japanese Name, Japanese Prefecture, Japanese Ward, Japanese Website, Jasdaq Flag, Latest Shares Outstanding, Latest Unadjusted Close Price, High Price, Low Price, Open Price, Volume, Nikkei Flags, Prefecture, Previous Fiscal Year, Quarterly Flag, Topix Flags, Trading Unit, Trading Unit Effective Date, etc.
  • Ratio-related Items: Acceptances and Guarantees, Accounting Data, Accrued Data, Accumulated Data, Acid Test Ratio, Acquisition Data, Actual Loan Write-Offs To Provision For Loan Losses, Additions To Property, Adjusted Price, Adjustments, Advances, Advertising, Agriculture, Allowances, Amortization Data, Annual Data, Annuities Data, Appraisal Value Of Real Estate, Appropriation Data, Assets Data, Average Data, Base Profit, Basic Eps, Beneficiary Data, Bond Data, Book Value, Borrowings, Call Loans, Call Money, Capital Adequacy Ratio, Capital Expenditure, Capital Reserves, Capital Data, Cash Data, Change Data, Claims Data, Collateral Data, Collectable Data, Commerce Data, Commissions & Fees, Common Shares, Corporate Bonds, Cost Data, Credit Data, Cumulative Data, Current Data, Damage Assessment Expenses, Deferred Data, Deposits Data, Depreciation Data, Devaluation Data, Diluted Data, Discount Data, Dividend Data, Domestic Data, Earnings Data, Eps Data, Equity Data, Expense Data, etc.

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