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RAFI ESG Indices

Published in Thematic Indices

Since launching the RAFI Fundamental Index in 2004, Research Affiliates has been a pioneer in the field of smart beta and factor investing. In the 15 years since, the firm has continued to innovate and expand its offerings with new insights, tools and investment strategies. The RAFI ESG Index strategy promotes sustainability, financial discipline, and gender diversity, while delivering the potential for added returns through a thoughtful smart beta approach.

The new ESG indices employ a fundamental weighting approach, taking into account each security’s financial discipline and diversity ratings in addition to traditional ESG metrics. This approach chooses components based on fundamental criteria as opposed to market cap. In addition to traditional ESG metrics, the indices also incorporate RAFI weights with a composite score of each security’s financial discipline and diversity ratings. The firm already has ESG-related indices, including FTSE4Good ESG Indices.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For the RAFI ESG Indices, RIMES hosts approximately 292 companies and the following 2 indices:

  • RAFI ESG Developed Index (EUR) NTR
  • RAFI ESG US Index

Some of the index items available include:

  • Description
  • Database Domain Code
  • Hedged Net Return in Euros
  • Last Price Date
  • Net Index
  • Net Index in Euros
  • Database Source
  • Database Symbol


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