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Refinitiv DataScope Money Markets

Refinitiv market data gathers real-time and historical insights from hundreds of sources and expert partners worldwide. Refinitiv uses a VRDN network and an electronic database for tax-exempt money market funds and their agents to receive rate reset, interest payment factors, and security master details on portfolio holdings. Foreign Exchange (FX) and Money Market (MM) content offers comprehensive coverage of all financial reference, real-time pricing, historical pricing, and indices data relating to the trading of currencies, currency derivative instruments, short-term money market instruments, and interest rate derivatives.

Instruments coverage includes – Bank Bills, Bankers Acceptances, Certificates of Deposit, Commercial Paper, Deposits, Bond Repos, Special Repos, Domestic Interest Rates, Interest Rate Fixings, and T-Bills.

Refinitiv provides a specialized pricing service for money market instruments, which is updated throughout European market hours. Evaluations are available both intraday and at standard market snapshot times. To further support money market fund managers, Refinitiv provides prices on bespoke money market instruments, including repurchase agreements and bankers’ acceptances for all money market funds and/or all types of portfolio holding instruments.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 450000 reference rates (16000 delisted).

  • Securities include – Australian Dollar/Indian Rupee, Bahraini Dinar/Japanese Yen, Brazilian Real/Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar Yield Curve, Danish Krone Yield Curve, Euro Yield Curve, Kazakhstan Tenge Yield Curve, Norwegian Krone Yield Curve, Qatar Rial/Japanese Yen, Saudi Arabian Riyal/Japanese Yen, Uae Dirham/Australian Dollar, Us Dollar Yield Curve, Zero Yield, etc.
  • Some of the data items available include – Ask, Bid, Description, Exchange Identification, Inverse Rate Marker, High, Low, Mid, Open, Rate (Last Trade Price), Trading Status, Volume, etc.

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