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Refinitiv DataScope Pricing & Analytics

Published in Pricing & Analytics

Refinitive’s pricing data includes equities, fixed income and mortgage data such as government and corporate bonds, US municipal bonds, bank loans, derived equities, MBS and securitized products, derivatives, structured notes and more.

  • Equity content was built from both commercial and technical infrastructure relationships with every major exchange and the vast majority of the smaller exchanges around the world.
  • Mortgage data comes from global fixed income pricing from over 800 contributors and over 70 exchanges. Exclusive data from Tradeweb, ICAP and other leaders provides a complete line of sight across the fixed income markets.
  • Fixed Income content offers global coverage of debt instruments that include pricing, indices, curves, league tables, etc. DataScope Fixed Income includes high-quality and reliable bond information for a wide range of securities for nearly 125 countries. Data includes both simple and complex bond structures, including call, put, FRNs, and index-linked. Debt instruments include: Domestic and Foreign Sovereign Government, Domestic and Foreign Semi-Government (Agencies and Provinces), Local Government, Domestic and Foreign Corporate, Global Convertibles, Global Medium Term Notes, and Mortgage-Backed Securities for Non-US Markets such as Pfandbrief.
  • Futures content covers all global exchange-traded financial and commodity futures contracts consisting of 49 countries and covering 100 regulated exchanges. With extensive coverage and full-time series histories for individual futures, the offering also consists of long uninterrupted histories of futures contracts in the form of continuous series from the first day of the contract. Futures contracts detail the quality and quantity of the underlying asset; they are standardized to facilitate trading on a futures exchange.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts securities that include:

  • Equities – Warrants (3421920), Delisted (1206704), Companies (684072), Funds (298605), Indexes (approx. 168900)
  • Fixed Income – Bonds (6640240), Companies (269450), Convertibles (60785), States & Provinces (5713)
  • Futures – Delisted (8942393), Futures (1359717)
  • Mortgages – Bonds (1406850)

Some of the data items available include:

  • Currency Items – Exchange Rate to: United Arab Emirates dirham, Afghan afghani, Albanian lek, Armenian dram, Netherlands Antillean guilder, Angolan kwanza, Argentine peso, Australian dollar, Aruban florin, Azerbaijani manat, Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark, Barbados dollar, Bangladeshi taka, Bulgarian lev, Bahraini dinar, Burundian franc, Bermudian dollar, Brunei dollar, Boliviano, Brazilian real, Bahamian dollar, Bhutanese ngultrum, Botswana pula, Belarusian ruble, Belize dollar, Canadian dollar, Congolese franc, Swiss franc, Unidad de Fomento (funds code), Chilean peso, Chinese yuan, Colombian peso, Unidad de Valor Real, Costa Rican colon, Cuban convertible peso, Cuban peso, Cape Verde escudo, Czech koruna, Djiboutian franc, Danish krone, Dominican peso, Algerian dinar, Egyptian pound, Eritrean nakfa, Ethiopian birr, Euro, Fiji dollar, Falkland Islands pound, Pound sterling, Georgian lari, Ghanaian cedi, Gibraltar pound, Gambian dalasi, Guinean franc, Guatemalan quetzal, Guyanese dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Honduran lempira, Croatian kuna, Haitian gourde, Hungarian forint, Indonesian rupiah, Israeli new shekel, etc.
  • Equity Items – Adjusted Price, Adjustment Factor, Annual Dividend, Ask Price, Asset Class, Bid Price, CESR Average Currencies Trading, CESR EEA Regulated Flag, CESR Free Float Factor, CESR Standard Market Size, CFI Code, Clean Price, Country of Registration Code, CRA Organization Code, Dividend Per Share Gross, Earnings Per Share, Finsbury Company Code, Gross Adjustment Factor, ICB Industrial Classification CodeInversion Flag, IPC Code, Issuer Code, Last Trade, Local Code, Market Identifier Code, Market Value, MiFID Indicator, Net Adjustment Factor, Net Return, New Reuters Identification Code (RIC), Opening Price in Local Currency, Price Currency, Price to Earnings per Share Ratio, RBSS Codes, Security Type, Sedol Code, Semi Annual Dividend Per Share Gross, Share Lot Size, Share Turnover, Shares Outstanding (Thousands), Status Flag, Strike Price, Ticker, Total Return, Total Volume Traded, Unadjusted Average of Bid & Ask, Unadjusted Floor Volume (In LOTSIZE), Unadjusted Net Asset Value, Unadjusted Off-Floor Volume (In LOTSIZE), Unadjusted Price, Unadjusted Volume, Valoren Code, Value Traded, Volume, Wert Papieren Code, Yield, etc.
  • Company and Convertible Items – Bankruptcy Flag, Industry Code Of Issuer, Issuer Domicile Country Code, Moody’S Issuer Ratings, Naic Code , Org ID (To Link With Rteq), Original Parent Code Of Issuer, Parent Code Of Issuer, S&P Issuer Ratings, Sector Code Of Issuer, Sector Of Issuer, Conversion Notice , Conversion Ratio (Shares), Conversion Type Code, Convertible Terms End Date, Delivery Option, Dilution Protection, Exercise Type, Foreign Exchange Rate, Hurdle Information, Interest On Conversion, Premium At Issue, Refix Information, Settlement Period, Stock Buyback Effect Type, Underlying Asset Information, ect.
  • Futures data – Adjusted Price, Ask Price, Asset Class, Bid Price, CESR EEA Regulated Flag, CFI Code, Database Domain Code, Description, Exchange Identification Code, Expiration Date, First Notice Day, IPC Code, ISIN Code, Last Trading Day/Price, Lot Units, Market Identifier Code, Market Segment Desc, Method of Delivery, New Lot Size, Open Interest, Price Currency, Quotation Flag, Reuters Identification Code (RIC) Root, Settlement Date, Share Lot Size, Status Flag, Tick Value, Ticker, Total Return, Unadjusted Price (Ask, Bid, High, Low), Unadjusted Settle Grade, Unadjusted Volume, Volume, etc.
  • Bond Items – Accrued Interest At End Of Month, Additional Sinking Amt Flag , Annuity Flag, Ask Price, Bid Price, Bond Description, Call Method, Call Notice , Call Option Type, Call Redemption Type, Call Schedule, Callable Flag, Callable For Tax Reasons – Y/N, Comparable Benchmark At Issuance, Composite Ask , Composite Bid , Composite Price, Convertible Flag, Convexity, Coupon , Currency, Date Of Eligibility For Remarketing, Dated Date, Debt Type Code, Defeased Flag, Dominion Bond Rating Services (Dbrs), Dual Currency Flag, Duff & Phelps Ratings, Duration, Evaluated Price, Exchange Listed Flag, Ex-Div Calendar Rule Code, Extend To Date, Extendible History, Final Maturity, Fitch Bond Ratings, Inflation Protected – Y/N, Interest Day Count Code, ISIN Identifier, ISMA Native Yield , Issue Date, Issuer Type (Sovr,Corp,Supr), Moody’S Bond Ratings, Native Yield , Next Reset Date, Original Amount Issued, Original Issue Price, Original Issue Yield, Outstanding Notional History, Price Quote, Put Method, Put Option Type Code, Putable Flag, Reuters Status Code, RIC Identifier, S&P Bond Ratings, Securities Issuer Code, Securities Issuer Desc, Sedol Identifier, Settlement Date , Sinking Flag, Sinking Price, Sinking Schedule, Sinking Type Code, Sinking Units , Spread To Benchmark At Issuance, Strippable Flag, Tappable Flag, Total Fees Expense, Trade Date, Underwriter Fee, Warrant Flag, Wertpapier Identifier, etc.
  • Mortgage data – Accrued Interest, Ask (Offer) Price, Ask Yield, Average Life, Bid Price, Bid Yield, Bid-Ask Spread, Bond Description, Location Code, Price, PSA Prices, Segment Code, Settlement Date, Trade date, Yield, etc.


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