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Refinitiv I/B/E/S Estimates

Refinitiv I/B/E/S Estimates is the industry standard and highest quality source for analyst detail, company level consensus, macro level aggregates data and comparable guidance. It provides the broadest global view of sell side analyst estimates for a company’s future quarterly and annual financial performance. A collection of detail and consensus estimates for 60+ company level measures including EPS, Net Income and Sales as well as 120+ Industry specific measures. Real-time and historical estimates collected from hundreds of brokers for thousands of companies providing our clients with and insight into a company performance.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

  • For I/B/E/S Estimates, RIMES hosts approximately 78000 companies, 2100 american deposit receipts, 1100 funds, 200 indices, plus commodities and bonds.
  • For I/B/E/S Global Aggregates, RIMES hosts approximately 460 indices.
  • For I/B/E/S Sector Global Aggregates, RIMES hosts over 17770 indices.

For I/B/E/S Estimates, our Company, ADR, Funds and Index domains, data items include:

  • Annual Dividend, Beta, Book Value Per Share, Calendar Date (Current), Calendar Date Estimate – Forwards, Calendar Date Reported (Historical), Capital Expenditure, Cash Earnings Per Share, Cash Flow Per Share, Country Code, Country Name, Currency, Dividends Per Share, Earnings Before Goodwill, EBIT, EBITDA, Price (Historical), etc.

For I/B/E/S Global Aggregates and Sector Aggregates, index items include:

  • Country Description, Country ISO Code, Currency ISO Code, Description, Earnings Before Goodwill Calenderised Year End Date Forwards, Earnings per Share, Native Index Alias, Price Weighted Average, Start Date of Series, Status Flag, Symbol, Yield (local 10 yr Gov. Bond Rate), etc.

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