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Refinitiv DataScope Mortgages

Published in Pricing & Analytics

Refinitiv has global fixed income pricing from over 800 contributors and over 70 exchanges, including exclusive pricing from the world’s largest broker price platform. Exclusive data from Tradeweb, ICAP and other leaders provides a complete line of sight across the fixed income markets.

The pricing service covers 2.5 million securities including government and corporate bonds, US municipal bonds, bank loans, derived equities, MBS and securitized products, derivatives, structured notes and money markets.
ICAP is real-time pricing from global fixed income markets including Asia Government Debt, Eurobonds/Corporate Debt, European Government Debt, Latin American Government Debt, Mortgages – TBA’s, US Agency & US Treasuries.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 1300000 bonds, including Bear, BT, CT, DBLC, DLJT, FH, SBMS, VNDE, etc.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Accrued Interest, Ask (Offer) Price, Ask Yield, Average Life, Bid Price, Bid Yield, Bid-Ask Spread, Bond Description, Cusip, Location Code, Price, Psa Ask Price, Psa Bid Price, Psa Price, Psa Settlement Date, Segment Code, Settlement Date, Tradedate, Yield, etc.


Our Managed Data Services

  • Working with 400+ data and 1400 data sets
  • Superior data quality and accuracy
  • 75,000 index, price & reference data feeds delivered daily
  • Fully managed, validated and system-ready feeds
  • Data delivered via API or file format for operational or analytical users
  • Increase business agility and scalability
  • Faster time to quality & market
  • Global expert 24/7 support

Looking for specific data?

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