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Reuters Fundamentals

Published in Company Data

Reuters Fundamentals content is the detailed data that an entity files in the form of their Financial Statements that are popularly recognized as the Income (Profit & Loss) Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flow.

This content provides the user with a company’s current financial health and when combined historically, the financial ‘life-story’ of the company. We have 30+ years of experience in the first-hand collection and management of the hundreds of thousands of data items that make up a competitive global fundamentals offering.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 121250 securities.

Some of the data items available include:

  • 3-Year Weekly Beta, 3-Year Weekly Beta Down, 3-Year Weekly Beta Up, Acceptances Outstanding, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable – Trade, Gross, Accrued Expenses, Accrued Investment Income, Accumulated Depletion, Accumulated Depreciation, Total, Accumulated Goodwill Amortization, Acquisition Of Business, Advertising Expense, Amortization Of Acquisition Costs, Amortization Of Intangibles, Assets, Current – Most Recent Fiscal Year, Average Number Of Licensed Beds, Average Number Of Operating Aircraft, Average Price To Total Equity, Beta , Book Value , Business Summary, Calendar Date, Capital Lease Obligations, Capital Spending , Cash – Interim, Cash – Quarterly, Cash & Equivalents, Cash Dividends Paid, Cash Flow , Commercial Paper, Common Stock, Net, Company Status (1=Active, 0=Inactive), Construction In Progress – Gross, Consumer Electronics, Contact E-Mail, Contact Phone Number, Contact Title, Cost Of Good Sold – Most Recent Fiscal Year, Cost Of Revenue, Country Name, Current Ebitda To Ev, Lfy, Current Enterprise Value (Ev), Current Port. Oflt Debt/Capital Leases, Customer Acceptances, Customer Advances, Date For Financial Statements, Date For Preliminary Update, Date Of Incorporation, Debt Service To Eps – Most Recent Fiscal Year, Defered Income Tax – Long Term Asset, Deferred Charges, Deferred Gas Cost, Deferred Income Tax, Deferred Investment Tax Credit, Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs, Deposits, Depreciation, Discontinued Operations, Dividend – Next Quarterly, Dividend Change %, Dividend Per Share, Dividends Payable, Dividends Per Share, Dps – Common Stock Primary Issue, Earnings After Taxes, Earnings Before Taxes, Ebit – Most Recent Fiscal Year, Ebitdar, Embedded Value, Enplaned Passengers, Eps Basic Excluding Extraordinary Items – Most Recent Fiscal Year, Eps Change %, Equity Composition, Equity In Affiliates, Equivalent Patient Days, Excise Taxes Payments, Exploration & Production, Federal Funds/Repos, Fhlb Advances, Fhlb Borrowings, Fhlb Stock, Financial Summery, Float Price, Foreclosed Real Estate, Foreign Currency Adjustment, Fuel – Inventory, Funds From Operations – Reit, Gas In Storage – Inventory, General Partners’ Distributions, Goodwill – Gross, Goodwill, Net, Gross Dividends – Common Stock, Gross Margin, Historical Relative P/E, Impairment-Assets Held For Sale, Income Available To Com Excl Extraord, Income Taxes Payable, etc.


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