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Russell Geographic Exposure Indexes

The Russell Geographic Exposure (“GeoExposure”) Index is designed to track the performance of companies with significant exposure to targeted geographic regions. This index provides clients with deeper insight into a company’s performance, risks, and growth opportunities through knowledge of its geographic exposures.

In response to increasingly integrated global markets, the series includes four new indexes developed from existing Russell Global Indexes, and employs Russell’s first application of its new geographic exposure concept. The series follows a transparent and rules-based methodology to identify companies with exposure to emerging markets, and then adjusts the weight for each company within the index to reflect the level of the exposure. Russell partnered with data classification firm Revere Data LLC to capture geographic revenue information that aims to reveal subtle differences among companies in similar industries. The indexing methodology considers both percentage and absolute revenue in determining a company’s geographic exposure.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 2800 companies and 4 indexes (Russell GeoExposure Indexes). Index coverage includes:

  • Russell 1000 Emerging Markets GeoExposure Index
  • Russell Developed Large Cap Emerging Markets GeoExposure Index
  • Russell Developed Europe Large Cap Emerging Markets GeoExposure Index
  • Russell Developed Ex-North America Large Cap Emerging Markets GeoExposure Index

Some of the data items available include:

  • Index Items – Daily Net Return, Daily Price Return, Daily Total Return, Ex-Date Amount in Local Currency, Dividend Amount Gross/Net, Gross Index, Industry Classification Code, Market Capitalization, Net Index, Number of Constituents, Opening Market Capitalization, Price Index, Region Flag, Start Market Cap, Start Market Cap US Dollars, etc.
  • Company Items – AP % Exposure, Adjustment Factor, Cap Range Flag, Change Type, Corporate Action Items, Currency Code, Current Europe Market Excluding UK Flag, Current Exchange Outside Region Flag, Current Frontier Market Flag, Current GCC Market Flag, Current Latin America Market Flag, Current MENA Market Flag, Current Pacific Basin Market Flag, Current Pacific Market Excluding Japan Flag, Current Primary Exchange Code, Current Russell Subsector Code, Current Sedol Code, Current Shares Outstanding, Current Greater China Market Flag, Daily Price Return in Local Currency (RIMES Calculated), Derived Daily Total Return in Local Currency (RIMES Calculated), Derived Daily Total Return in Local Currency (RIMES Calculated), Dividend Amount, Dividend Currency, Dividend Ex-Date, Exposure (DXN, DXU, EEU, EM, GXU, US), Exchange, Exchange Identification Code, Exchange Outside Region flag, Frontier, GCC, Greater China Growth Factor, Industry Level Code, Investable Market Value, Investable Shares Outstanding, Investable Weight, ISIN Code, Last Update Date, Market Value, Methodology Code, New Shares Outstanding, Next Date of Portfolio, Opening investable Market Value, Opening Investable Weight in Index, Opening Market Value, Original Date, Region Flag, Russell Index ID, Security Traded Flag, Sedol Code, Status Flag, Unadjusted Price in Local Currency, Value Factor, Weight in Index, etc.


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