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Russell Global Sectors Classification (RGS Complete)

The Russell Global Sectors classification system gives investors opportunities both to evaluate performance and to segment the market on a country, regional, size or style level. RGS allows for both high-level analysis at the sector level and detail and granularity at the industry level. At Russell Investments, securities have been classified in a proprietary sector scheme for nearly 30 years. RGS Complete, based on the Russell Global Sectors classification system, provides a comprehensive database of global securities and delivers the analytics necessary for sector-based investment strategies, sector research, peer analysis and client reporting.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts over 180000 securities, with monthly historical data available from 12-31-2000.

Some of the company data items available include:

  • Company ID, Date of Portfolio, Industry Levels 1-3 Code/Description, ISIN Code, Issuer Symbol (Source), Sedol Code, Ticker, etc.

Looking for specific data?

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