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SG Prime Services Indices

Published in Strategy Indices

The Prime Services Alternative Investments Consulting team specialize in benchmarking tools that accurately represent key hedge fund strategy styles. The SG Prime Services family of indices represents a range of non-investable products that are highly relevant for demonstrating potential for diversification of returns.

As part of the Societe Generale Group, SGI is fully integrated in the Global Markets division and fully benefits from the expertise of a leading derivatives house. Societe Generale Prime Services include the SG Multi Alternative Risk Premia Index, a performance benchmark for alternative risk premia managers who employ investment programs diversified across multiple asset classes and multiple risk premia factors.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 79 indices, including Futures on VIX, SG Multi Alternative Risk Premia, SocGen Custom Risk Premia Indices, etc.

Some of the data items currently available for this source include:

  • Actual Coupon Rate
  • Bloomberg Ticker
  • Currency Pair
  • Daily Total Return
  • Database Domain Code
  • Database Source
  • Database Symbol
  • Date of Portfolio
  • Description
  • Ending Date of Series
  • Expiration Date
  • Index Level
  • Initial Proportional Amount
  • ISIN Code
  • Market Value
  • Net Asset Value
  • Notional Outstanding
  • Option Style
  • Option Type
  • Price
  • Protection Direction
  • Put Call Flag
  • Reference Asset
  • Sedol Code
  • Start Date of Series
  • Strike Price, etc.


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