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SHB Commodity Indices

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Svenska Handelsbanken AB is a Sweden-based bank. It provides services for both private and corporate customers and operates through three business segments. Branch office operations in Sweden segment comprises six regional banks, Handelsbanken Finans’s and Stadshypotek’s operations in Sweden. It provides private banking, financial company services, credit card issuing and mortgage loans, among others.

The Nordic High Dividend Low Volatility Criteria Index reflects the return on a portfolio of Nordic equities with a combination of high direct returns and low historical volatility. The index is folded every six months. The index does not include shares in companies where more than five percent of revenue comes from the extraction, production or distribution of fossil fuels.

The Nordic ESG Index is an index that reflects the return on a portfolio of shares in the largest Nordic companies that meet specific sustainability criteria. Potential companies are graded using ISS-Oekom’s analysis methodology that takes into account sector-specific aspects and awards the best companies the grade “Prime”.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 18 indices, including the Nordic High Dividend Low Volatility Criteria Index, Handelsbanken Nordic ESG Index and various SHB Indexes.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Correlated Underlying Assets
  • Description
  • Database Domain Code and Symbol
  • Excess Return (reflects the return on a basket of 15 different raw materials)
  • Sector and component allocations
  • Weight (underlying assets)


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